Develop Your Skills. Increase Your Value.

Our first blog post!

About My Company

My name is Ethel Walker.   I started my own training and consulting company, Walker Training and Consulting 4 years ago.  My mission is to raise human capital.  It sounds lofty, but it’s quite practical and impactful.

I want to make a difference in the world by using my gifts and sharing my learning and experiences.  My specific area of focus is to help individuals find a career that is right for them, to help them develop their workplace skills and to support them in living up to their potential.  I believe that if you develop your skills, you increase your value.

I created this blog to serve as a way for me to fulfill my mission by sharing tips, information, resources  and growth opportunities with as many people as I can.  For every individual I impact, I contribute to my mission.

About Me

I am a married mother of four, currently living in the great state of Texas.    I grew up in the midwest with very humble beginnings.  I learned at an early age that if I educate myself and work hard, I can change my situation.  I’ve always had a strong belief that I could do anything, that I could learn anything and that I can be anything.  I am also faithful in knowing that I did not and could not do it alone.  I know that my blessings have come from someone greater than myself.

In addition to managing my own business, I have a career that has spanned over 25 years with a fortune 50 company.   I worked my way up through the ranks and have had roles from front line to director level.   It is through these work experiences and learning that I have been able to hone my mission and my beliefs about reaching your potential.

I hope that you visit me here often and that you find my blog informative and inspiring.  I also invite you to visit My Website for additional information, resources and new events.

Keep growing!

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